Case Study: Real Estate Home Showcase Videos

Home Showcase Social Marketing Videos

A real estate agent approached me about creating home showing videos to replace the boring static property images she was posting to her Facebook page. She wanted to “up her game” and heard that video was much more effective in generating more lookers that could turn into buyers, or at least new clients.

I decided to create a business out of this idea so developed the five different video templates shown below. Two of them are actual homes that are (or were) on the market. The Jenkins St. home sold two hours after my video posted.

I made it real simple: All that real estate agents need to do is send me their original hi-res photos (or link to download), link to the property description and choose a template. I produce their video incorporating company branding. The finished product is a video optimized for uploading to any social media platform and playback in HD.

Production Cost: $75 per video

Video 1 – Modern Curves and Flicker Template


Video 2 – Elegant Template


Video 3 – Classy Slide Show Template


Video 4 – Upscale Movement Template


Video 5 – Happy Liquid Template