Pet ID Global

The CEO of Pet ID Global hired me to develop and launch his new startup. I was responsible for every aspect of the project.



  • Managed entire project
  • Custom WP ecommerce website: Concept, design, UX/UI, imagery, graphics, content, coded front end and developed backend functionality
  • Hired programmers to code the website’s backend (Saved the company over $8,000 in development costs)
  • Sourced and purchased product materials
  • Developed and tested an automated customer order/fulfillment system
  • Engaged in social marketing and targeted FB advertising
  • Set up and designed automated email campaigns and wrote all content
  • Wrote PR pieces and published on high PA (page authority) news sites including Reuters, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc.
  • Performed business listing services
  • Designed and produced all printed business and marketing collateral
  • Video: Concept, script, design, animations, graphics, hired talent, production