Case Study: iMap Digital Marketing Services

TV Commercials

iMap hired me to produce 30 second TV commercials for all their clients. This is a new product marketed to small business owners who are looking for an affordable video production service and quality air time to promote their business.

I developed the product and process including the four sample videos shown below. Additionally, I created a suite of options to help clients visualize and define the look and feel desired.

Once clients fill out the Production Worksheet, I help the client create a script and send out for professional voice over. Next, I gather the video clips and static images then produce their video in 5-7 days. When the video is approved, it is exported using the proper specs for TV and uploaded to our platform for broadcast on all the major TV channels.

Production Cost: $399 and up per video

Video 1 – Generic Chiropractic Business Video Template


Video 2 – Grunge Style Video Template


Video 3 – Corporate Style Video Template


Video 4 – Clean Video Template