Eniva Health

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  • Department Head and project leader
  • Hired coders and designers.
  • Was responsible for all web, audio, video and social assets and properties
  • Redesigned and rebuilt several domestic and international websites to meet our new branding structure
  • Conceived, designed, and lead a team of programmers in building a new online store for over 70 products including all graphics, copy writing/editing, testing, troubleshooting and launch – managed and updated all products when needed
  • Worked with CEO and CMO in developing our online strategies
  • Managed over 70 web domains and hosting
  • Organized and managed hundreds of hours of video and audio
  • Directed, shot, edited and produced several videos for DVD, TV and online applications
  • Created many animations and effects as part of video production
  • Recorded and/or edited and compiled hundreds of hours of audio for online, educational or retail products
  • Was responsible for all video/audio setup and recording at company conventions
  • Designed and put together sets for video shoots
  • Conducted training sessions at their international conventions
  • Reconfigured, edited/re-wrote and optimized more than 70 products and descriptions on their BigCommerce and Amazon platforms
  • Performed SEO/SEM for their websites and Amazon products
  • Designed and programmed DVD interfaces/labels and, when needed, helped design many print materials
  • Was responsible for running and managing our DVD duplicating equipment
  • Opened and managed their social media properties
  • Was awarded “Contributor of the Year” by the CEO for my role in Eniva’s success through web, video and social marketing


From 2006-2011 I worked for Eniva Health as their senior online marketer and developer. During this time I was responsible for their entire online presence including reconfiguring and rebranding their arsenal of domestic and international websites, creating social properties and producing audios and videos for TV, DVD and online marketing and education.

In 2017, the CEO contacted me because they were having significant issues with their online product sales, and asked if I could help resolve the problem. A couple years ago, they moved their store into the BigCommerce platform and also oaded all their products on Amazon, none of which were doing well. They didn’t have anyone on staff managing their products or SEO and, because I had experience with proper marketing tricks on Amazon as well as the right analytics tools, they were a bit desperate for my help fast.

I analyzed their website and products on Amazon. What I found is all the product ad descriptions on their BigCommerce store were completely bloated with unneeded code and none of the products were optimized with proper keywords to even be seen in searches – it was a mess. In fact, their entire site had no SEO whatsoever. Additionally, all their products on Amazon were not set up or optimized properly to take advantage of their search functions.

I put together a plan of action to cleanup and optimize all their BigCommerce and Amazon products, optimize their website SEO then take one product at a time and market it with video, PBNs (private blog networks), FB ads and other methods to drive sales success. They approved the plan and I went to work per their budget.

A month after optimizing all their Amazon products, I ran a sales report and found their product sales had doubled for many of their 70 products and in some cases had tripled in sales. I also built a landing page for the first product Andy wanted to target: Detox Kit (image here). I created several testimony and explainer videos, which I pushed to dozens of video sharing platforms. I also wrote PRs and got those published on high TF (trust flow) sites such as REUTERS, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc. Additionally, I bought a PBN and set all backlinks back to the landing page. Social media and ads were also employed.

Due to being hired full-time at Account Medical, I needed to stop my work with Eniva Health in Dec., 2017.