Case Study: Eniva Health

Educational, Program Promotion and Product Videos

I produced several videos for Eniva Health over the course of six years. These included product promotions, doctor interviews, testimonials, education and video updates for their international conventions. Below are case studies on three projects.


Project 1: ResVante Product Launch – Education/Promotion

The CEO and CMO wanted a video explaining the latest research on resveratrol (the main product’s ingredient) as well as it’s benefits. Additionally, they were interested in a newscast look and feel. The finished production would be used in store product displays, on TV, social media and other online properties.

First, I took their script and developed a storyboard showing the graphics, animations and video clips matching the narration. I also worked up the newscast design they requested using the same color scheme and core graphic elements as their product branding.

After final approval, while the recording was being worked on, I got to work producing the animations and constructing the timeline using a rough of the audio narration. When the final voice/actor footage came back, I added him over a light textured background.

After some final tweaks, we had a completed production that was used in a wide range of applications described earlier.

Production Cost: $2000

Video 1 – ResVante


Project 2: Doctor Interview – Education

I produced several video and audio interviews like the one below for TV, radio and online university. We typically filmed these in our local cable station’s studio with three cameras. I created a simple set, manned camera three and did the post-production editing from the three reels including graphics.

Production Cost: $300 per video

Video 2 – Dr. Interview


Project 3: Wholesale Club Website Video – Information/CTA

This is a video I produced for an online shopping club. It was designed to lead potential members through a series of informational clips ending in signups.

We used a friend of the company to do the voice/acting. I produced the entire video which included an alpha mask because it needed fit within a pre-defined frame on the website.

Production Cost: $400

Video 3 – Marketing Funnel Video clips