Eniva Health Product Sales Project

The CEO of Eniva Health contacted me requesting a plan to increase their online product sales which had been severely decreasing for the past several months. After analyzing their online store and 70 Amazon listings, many major issues were found to be contributing to their low sales numbers. My solutions were as follows:

  • Build EMD (exact match domain name) landing pages for each product
  • Fix the bloated code and optimize each of their 70 product listings on Amazon and home site
  • Set up PBNs (private blog networks), write articles related to each product and send backlinks back to the landing page, social properties and Amazon product pages
  • Run social signal campaigns
  • Write and propagate PRs to hundreds of high PA (page authority) PR and news sites
  • Run regular targeted social media postings and ad campaigns
  • Produce videos for each product and push those out to video sharing sites

The first product Eniva wanted to target was their Detox Kit. About four weeks after I built the landing page shown below and completed the other tasks, their Amazon listing for the kit jumped to #1 in searches and their sales more than tripled. Their social engagement also realized a big jump.

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