Competition Marketing

Compeeition videos are great for increasing brand loyalty, boosting engagement and following all in one post. You can use these for things like pitting users against each other or employees against staff, rally others for prize drawing, or answering tricky trivia.

Not only that, they provide an opportunity for users to show off their skills, letting users check out each other’s work, you’re encouraging followers to engage against each other and together and you’re giving free stuff away. You’ll also look great to any of your users or anyone who comes across your competition post.

Even if you can’t afford to give away something expensive, your products or services are a good free prize. After all, those who enter are clearly interested in you as a business and what you can provide. Because of this, you can use that list of data gathered from those who enter your competitions to retarget them with discount coupons as a thank you for entering.

Check out this Facebook video post we created for a local flower shop.