Challenge Video

These videos encourage UGC (user generated content). It essentially means your users and viewers are creating content for you to reuse. The phenomenon of virility has skyrocketed in recent years. From the ice bucket challenge to the water bottle flip and the bottle cap challenge, viral challenges usually follow the same characteristics: They are quick, simple, have easily accessible props, they’re fun and challenging. If you want the local community (or the world) to join in, you’re going to need to think of something pretty original.

Alternatively, you can jump on somebody else’s challenge making the rounds with your own video to attract them to your store. But to do this we’ll have to act quick. These things can get old fast. We’ll need to stay of this wave while we can. The video would create some link to your brand or product placement.

Another option is, instead of encouraging UGC, we encourage foot traffic to your business. You don’t need to create a new challenge, just recycle an old one. The idea is to invite people do this challenge in the name of your brand and even get them to come into your business to do it.

This example is an idea of using the bottle cap challenge to get people coming down to your bar are trying it there and posting it on their Facebook. Anyone attempting it would get a free drink or discount of some sort. You’re improving both foot traffic and awareness.

Check out this video we created for a pub inviting viewers to come in to try a challenge.