Case Study: Account Medical

Informational/Product Promotion and Partner Announcement Videos

Subject: Personal Emergency QR ID, Announcement

The Owner of Account Medical created a product but wasn’t sure how best show its value and convince others they need one. Additionally, he was looking for a great sales tool. After discussing some options he decided to hire me to produce a video, which would generate the most impact and could be used in all his marketing efforts including social, email, website, etc.

After researching the resources from Account Medical about the product, how customers use it and benefits, I developed the script and storyboard.

Once approved, I hired a professional voice/actor to record. Then I created all the product-related graphics and gathered appropriate video clips and static images for the production. Because Account Medical did not have decent office space at the time, I created one from a stock photo, which you can see behind the actor.

Production Cost: $800.

After I produced the promo video, the owner wanted me to create an additional video announcing Account Medical’s partnership with the Global Lyme Alliance. I wrote the script and filmed him with an iPhone. Some of this production included the same animations and imagery used in the first video. See below.

Production Cost: $300.

QR Code Info/Promo


Partnership with Lyme Alliance